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Customer Service

Ensuring that we deliver an outstanding service to all of our customers, guaranteeing them satisfaction, we provide our customers with a dedicated Commercial Manager and Customer Service Team.

Our customers have the option of either placing EDI orders or consigning manual orders through our service team.

With constant monitoring of demand, production and stock, we are proud to maintain an On-Time, In-Full performance record with a rating of over 98.5% average.


Our distribution team have a long and successful history of supplying spirits globally. Running an effective international distribution network with knowledge of regulatory and shipping requirements, we are able to support sales and deliver spirits to over 110 markets.

Through the experience and efficiency of our team, we are able to guarantee our customers and retailers receive their goods in excellent condition, wherever and whenever they need them.

We operate from three bonded warehouses:

  • The North-West of England: boasting an impressive 4,800m² of racked storage, we are able to hold up to 400,000 cases and 800 pallets of dry goods, which operates on a ‘Just in Time’ principle
  • Portlaoise, Co. Laois, Ireland – a 2,800m² bonded warehouse, approximately one hour from Dublin airport & Dublin port
  • Boé, France – in the Bordeaux region we have a combined storage capacity of 3,000m² bonded warehouse and 2,400m² for refrigeration.


Alongside our production facilities – G&J Distillers, First Ireland Spirits and L&L – Essential Drinks operates a responsible sourcing programme. Our Quality and Procurement teams regularly visit and audit our suppliers ensuring that products meet a high standard and come from responsible and verified sources.

We source the finest quality produce from the freshest cream straight the dairies of Ireland and the juniper in the hills of Tuscany to the cork forests of Portugal and finest Cognacs in France, Essential Drinks supplies everything needed for the production of quality spirits. Our expertise ensures the full spectrum of botanicals, spirits, glass, caps and cartons are sourced for the right price and the highest quality.

We are registered with SEDEX and have recognised quality and environmental accreditations.


We offer our customers full traceability – from the grain they select to the glass they use.  Our customers can be assured that we maintain the high standards for quality that they expect and that they are in safe hands when they partner with us.

Each of our facilities have been accredited by some of the leading UK audit organisations and have received the following accreditations:

G&J Distillers:

  • British Retail Consortium Issue 6, A+ grade (Used as the benchmark assessor for UK supermarkets)
  • ISO 9001:2008 – continual accreditation since 1997
  • 5* Rating from local Environmental Health
  • G&J also has a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No 2362.

First Ireland Spirits:

  • British Retail Consortium Issue 6, A grade (Used as the benchmark assessor for UK supermarkets)
  • IFS Issue 6, Higher level
  • HSE approval
  • Organic Certification

L&L Spirits:

  • British Retail Consortium Issue 7, B grade
  • IFS Issue 6, Higher Level
  • ISO 22000 : 2005
  • ISO 9001 : 2008
  • AEO